Why do you offer a large discount on your introductory offer and what is offered?

Firstly the introductory offer is to give you the client a chance to try this style of massage without a large outlay. Secondly we will chat about your general health and any issues that may affect any treatment offered, a short health questionnaire to cover the main points will take between 10-15 minutes, this is to protect ourselves and focus on your needs to offer the best massage, this is included in the 60 minute session offered.

How should I prepare for my massage sessions?

Other than your own clothes, all blankets, covers, and disposable items will be supplied freshly laundered. We recommend wearing loose clothing for ease of dressing, during the session underwear like pants or knickers should be worn, we do not recommend any corsetry or bra, however if you feel more secure sport tops/bra without any heavy supports or fixings can be used, (however these will lessen to overall effect on areas like the back).

Please ensure all jewellery, including hair accessories are removed, make up should at most be light, but would prefer none.

I will not be in the room at the start/finish of the session so you can get ready in private and cover yourself before I enter after knocking the door to check you are ready.

Which areas of my body will be massaged?

This can be a full body treatment from head to toe (excluding genital and breast areas). During the session areas not being worked will be draped for your privacy.

Will the massage be painful?

Deep tissue therapeutic massage does not fall in to the type of relaxing pleasure massage that many enjoy, however the results can be just as powerful. If there is deep-rooted tension, it can be expected to feel some discomfort. However I will work within your levels of comfort to ensure that you benefit from the session.  Discomfort felt in early in the session/s will ease, helping you feel the benefits.

How will I feel after the treatment?

This can range from feeling relaxed and sleepy to a natural high and energized, some soreness maybe felt on areas that have been focused on.

Most Massages help release toxins that need to be flushed from your system, to help in flush your body and stave off dehydration, it is recommended to drink fresh water to help in the hydration process. It is also recommended that you avoid alcohol and caffeine style drinks for the day.

I’ve heard I may feel worse the day after?

It is possible that areas that have been worked may feel tender/sore, this is to be expected as the act of breaking down tension in its self is a release that will settle leaving you a feeling of wellbeing

Sometimes other symptoms may arise which may be of concern, these maybe explained as an healing crisis (search “healing crisis” on line) in short it can be due to a loss of toxins which the body has got used to, or it may be an emotional event due to a loss of toxins which has caused an emotional release.

These events can last as little as minutes or as long as a couple of days (rare) if in doubt contact your GP.